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Why Should I Consider Therapy?

To Enjoy Healthy Relationships...

A healthy relationship starts with two, or more, healthy individuals.This is necessary to safeguard the relationship from toxicity and codependence, so it can grow and flourish on its own. Your  personal happiness is always your responsibility, not someone else's. It is imperative to not only understand this but to live it. 

And... always remember, a relationship is not a platform to fix yourself. This, too, is 100% your responsibility!​

Make nothing off limits to talk about.

Sit and give audience to the other without judgement or prejudice.

Don’t just “hear” what the other says... really listen to it!

Always give the other the benefit of the doubt.

Be honest and transparent and always have nothing to hide.

Disagree with respect... always!

And love the person for being so vulnerable with you. They are humbly trying to make this work.

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As a licensed Marriage Family Therapist in Lafayette with over 20 years experience, Sharlene Hanaway utilizes various excellent theoretical approaches to best serve you and your individual circumstance.

Relationship Inquiry

Questions to Ask Yourself:

These are pertinent and very important questions to ask yourself when you are struggling in relationship. It is a self-inventory used to truly reflect upon the level of commitment present in any kind of  relationship regarding yourself and the other person. Consider completing these questions in preparation for your session:  

1.) How much do I matter to you?/ How much does you matter to me?  

2.) Do you really have my back?/ Do I willingly have your back?  

3.) Can I trust you?  Am I a trustworthy person, especially in regards to this relationship?  

4.) Do you value me??  Do I value you as a person and as a friend, spouse, etc?  

5.) Are you impacted by the things I feel and say?  Am I impacted by what you say to me?  

6.) If I reach out to you, will you be there for me?  If you reach out to me, will I willingly be there for you? 


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